Uniqlo Autumn Winter Collection

Elevate Your Basics

The UK high street can be a notoriously difficult place to shop. The majority of retailers are simply focused on churning out trend-led pieces before their competitors, meaning it can be hard to find high quality clothing at an affordable price point.

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Summer Essentials White Legwear

A Modern Warm-Weather Essential

Although generally considered part of the uniform of those who ply their trade on Wimbledon’s centre court, white legwear has, over time, emerged as a popular summer choice for fashion-conscious males.

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Style Edition


Now that we’re right in the thick of December, it’s about time we all scratched our heads and produced a half decent Christmas list. The only trouble with a list written by a self confessed menswear addict is that there is a lot of room for (other people’s) error. Based on personal experience and numerous confirmations from family members, shopping for me during the festive season can be a bit stressful.

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Piece The Parka


Serving an overwhelmingly practical purpose, there are few pieces more winter-ready than the classic parka – a point typified by the Caribou Inuit originally inventing the garment to deal with Arctic temperatures and its prevalence in this season’s polar explorer trend.

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